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The International Satellite Navigation Forum 2008

Moscow, April, 7-8th, 2008. The 2nd International Satellite Navigation Forum supported by Roscosmos, the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications of Russia and Association “GLONASS/GNSS Forum” took place.

This year about 1200 delegates from 25 countries of the world and 45 regions of the Russian Federation representing more than 350 enterprises and the organizations are registered at the Forum. Amount of the participants as compared with last year’s event increased by 30%, which shows growing interest in satellite navigation. The Forum is an important event in the field of use of satellite navigation technologies in the Russian Federation.

The main purpose of the Forum is to inform wide Russian and foreign audience of innovative technologies in the field of satellite navigation. The special attention at the Forum was given to Russian global navigation satellite system GLONASS and the various aspects concerning its use both in Russia and abroad.

The participants of the Forum received the detailed information on the legal aspects of use of satellite navigation, knew about the navigation and navigation-and-communication equipment available in the market from leading Russian and foreign manufacturers, various industrial applications and the experience of leading companies in practical use of navigation technologies including the business cases of use of satellite navigation from the representatives of the Russian business.

The representatives of the Government of the Russian Federation, the federal governmental bodies, leading experts in the field of satellite navigation systems GLONASS, GPS and European navigation system “Galileo” that is being built spoke at the plenary session.


During the address of the first deputy chairman of the Military and Industrial Commission under the Government of the Russian Federation-the minister of the Russian Federation V.N. Putilin to the participants of the Forum it was noted that GLONASS provides the solutions of the tasks in the interests of economy, defense and security of the state, and is a strategically important element of the state infrastructure. For Russia with its extensive territory and infrastructure requiring deep modernization the importance of introducing means of satellite navigation many times increases. The issues of the GLONASS development and the introduction of navigation technologies in transport, in the fuel and energy complex and other sectors of economy are under control of the President of the Russian Federation. At present the Government of the Russian Federation undertakes the steps directed to creation of the conditions ensuring use of the GLONASS possibilities for the state needs and in the interests of the commercial organizations, the citizens of Russia, other countries.

The moderator of the Plenary session, the deputy head of Roscosmos Yury I. Nosenko told about the progress of the works under federal target program “the Global navigation system” and emphasized that its successful implementation will allow Russia to keep the sovereignty in the field of navigation, to make system GLONASS competitive as compared with American system GPS and European GALILEO, to create the system really necessary to consumers both in Russia and abroad.


The general designer of system GLONASS, the general director – general designer FSUE “RNII KP” Yury M. Urlichich in his speech dwelled on the state and prospects of the GLONASS development, noted that modern satellite navigation means being a basis of coordinate and time support at the present development stage is already now used widely in various areas of the social and economic area. GLONASS is becoming increasingly available for large-scale application and is already now providing improved navigation characteristics for consumers as compared with use of one system only. To ensure navigation service for the world community of consumers the GLONASS system is oriented to the accelerated deployment up to full structure of an orbital alignment with improved navigation service quality.

During the Plenary session the prizes founded by Association "GLONASS/GNSS-Forum" were given in the nominations:


1. For the contribution in creation and development of GLONASS
Awarded: Leonid I. Gusev, Vladimir L. Ivanov, Grigory M. Chernyavsky, Vladimir F. Cheremisin, Yury V. Medvedkov, Boris V. Shebshaevich.
2. For the introduction of the technologies on the basis of GLONASS
Awarded: Pyotr D. Katsyv – the deputy chairman of the Government of the Moscow region – the minister of transport of the Moscow region, OAO "GMK "Norilsk nickel”, the Group of companies "Tranzas", ZAO "KB "Navis”.

New members are admitted into Association "GLONASS/GNSS-Forum": FSUE “RNII KP”, OAO “Academician M.F. Reshetnyov Information satellite systems”, OAO "RIRV", ZAO “KB “Navis”, ZAO “Ural radio stations”, OAO “United coordinates the Far East”, OAO “Sarapulsky radiozavod-holding”.

During the section discussions the array of the questions concerning the use of navigating services in Russia and the world has been discussed, in particular:
— Economic and legal justification of effective use of the means and technologies of satellite navigation
— Use of satellite navigation in Russia for steady economic development of the state, in regional and municipal economy, and also for solution of scientific and applied tasks
— Systems and equipment for monitoring and controlling motor transport, ensuring safety of vehicles and cargoes
— Personal and automobile navigation, electronic cartography
— Positioning in cellular networks, competition and partnership
— Experience of leading Russian and foreign companies in the use of navigation satellite technologies.

In the framework of the event press conference “The GLONASS system: the present and future of the Russian satellite navigation” was held for the Forum information partners and the accredited journalists. Heads of Roscosmos, Roskartografiya, the leading Russian companies participating in the implementation of federal task program “Global navigation system”, experts in the field of creation of the space segment of the GLONASS system, development of the subscriber equipment of this system, creation of hardware and software facilities for transport monitoring and digital navigation charts took part in the press conference. The participants of the press conference noted the advantages of use of the GLONASS system and also the basic tendencies of development of global navigation satellite systems, in particular:
— The development of applications of satellite navigation practically in all areas of economy all over the world turns global navigation satellite systems into the global means providing social and economic development of all countries of the world. Appearance of navigation systems in a number of other states and in particular the European Union, China in the foreseeable future opens new opportunities for consumers, providing much more reliable and precise continuous navigation in difficult conditions with limited visibility.
— Alongside with the obvious requirement to ensure compatibility of all satellite navigation systems that is to ensure such conditions of functioning of each of the systems that they do not make clutters for each other, the necessity to ensure complementarity of all global and regional satellite navigation systems and their functional additions, first of all GLONASS and GPS, Galileo occurs.
— The concept of complementarity includes use of the common standards of civil navigation signals, coordinate systems and time scales which will allow to simplify considerably the consumer equipment, to cut its cost, weight, dimensions, power consumption, to simplify technologies of information processing.

Actually we have closely approached to creation of the International global navigation system consisting of separate, independently controlled, independent national satellite navigation systems which work on terms of providing civil services under the agreed international standards.


Round table “Problems of creation of navigation charts and databases in Russia” took place. The ways of solving problems of creation of navigation charts in Russia, interactions of the state and business concerning the issues of creation of navigation databases, tasks to streamline legislative and normative support of functioning of the market, provide navigation services in Russia were discussed at the round table. The address of the market participants to the interested federal governmental bodies was accepted.

During the Forum the Russian and foreign companies, manufacturers of the navigation and communications equipment and soft applications organized exhibition “Space Technologies for Business” at which they presented their products to potential customers.

Partners and sponsors of the Forum:
The general partner of the Forum – FSUE “RNII KP”
The gold sponsor - OOO “NAVTECH CIS”
The silver sponsor – ZAO “NTLab”
The sponsor – TsVK "EXPOCENTR"

Expert partners:
Company “М2М telematics”

Press-services of Roskosmos, "RNII KP" and " the International Satellite Navigation Forum 2008"


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