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I cordially welcome the participants of the 3rd International Satellite Navigation Forum.

At present the satellite navigation technologies like Internet is becoming a global means and is finding an application practically in all areas of the activities of a man.

The Russian system GLONASS as one of the two operating global navigation systems attracts increasing attention of potential consumers both in our country and abroad. Today the structure of the orbit group GLONASS provides 100% navigation servicing of Russia and 98% in the global scope. The increasing interest in the system GLONASS is confirmed with the composition and number of delegates of the annual International Satellite Navigation Forum which will take place for the third time. The Forum has really become a main event for the Russian navigation community where the participants of the navigation market can not only tell about their achievements, share their experience, but also gain new business contacts, which is necessary for successful business development.

I wish the Forum participants success and good luck in the implementation of new projects.

Chief Designer of Global
Navigation System GLONASS,
Chairman of the Counsel of Association

Yu.M. Urlichich

In Russia month May is rich in significant events and among them the III International Satellite Navigation Forum takes a notable place. The Forum is of great importance not only for scientists and engineers involved in the creation and development of satellite navigation technologies, but also for the broad circle of experts in various sectors of the economy.
Since 2007, after a number of leading Russian enterprises of the radio-electronic complex developing and manufacturing the equipment of coordinate and time support entered into OJSC “Concern PVO “Almaz-Antey”, the Concern has actively joined in the process of the organization of works to create modern navigation equipment, has defined ways and tendencies of the development of this industry. Undoubtedly, the Concern could not stand aside from so significant event like the III International Satellite Navigation Forum and has acted as its General sponsor. The Concern gives not only material support to this event. The program of the Forum provides for participation of some companies from among these entering into the cooperation of the Concern with the cycle of reports during the plenary session and sections.
The Concern gives great attention to the development and broad introduction of satellite navigation technologies into the national economy and the defense industry of the country. The big work on the integration of the industrial, research organizations and commercial firms to create modern competitive domestic navigation equipment and systems on its basis for use in various sectors of the economy is being carried out. The achievements of the Russian industry in this field will be presented at the stand of OJSC “Concern PVO “Almaz-Antey” during the exhibition to be held in the framework of the Forum.
The broad use of satellite navigation technologies can allow cutting considerably expenses in transport and construction, in the fuel-energy complex, which is especially actual in the conditions of the crisis, to ensue the safety of flights of aircrafts and navigation. Possibilities of system GLONASS must be actively introduced into the economy of Russia.
I hope that the Forum will be fruitful, and the made decisions will promote the further large-scale development of navigation services in Russia. I wish all its participants health and success in the realization of the plans.

Chief Designer of NAP GLONASS,
Deputy General Designer –
Deputy General Director of Scientific and Technical Development
OJSC “Concern PVO “Almaz-Antey” 

P.A. Sozinov


About the Forum

The EXPOCENTRE FAIRGROUNDS will, for the first time, be the venue for the year’s two major satellite navigation events held as part of the 2009 Navigation Systems, Technologies and Services International Congress and Exhibition Project:

The 3rd International Satellite Navigation Forum 2009 will host plenary meetings and workshops bringing together leading experts in the area of satellite navigation and cellular network positioning, as well as hardware and software developers;

Navitech-Expo’2009 Navigation Systems, Technologies and Services International Exhibition.
The main goal of the project is to inform a wide audience in Russia and abroad about satellite navigation innovations. The participants will be given detailed information on cellular network positioning services and technologies, on various industrial applications and subscriber equipment developed by leading Russian and foreign companies and on the experience of the top Russian companies. The Forum will put special emphasis on the Russian GLONASS navigation system and various aspects of its use in Russia.
The Forum will allow a wide range of issues concerning application of navigation services in Russia and abroad to be addressed, namely:
• GLONASS, GPS and GALILEO; status and prospects
• The current situation and outlook with respect to the satellite and mobile positioning market;
• Legal aspects of the use of satellite navigation systems in Russia;
• New and highly remunerative types of business involving satellite navigation technologies;
• Positive experience of leading Russian and foreign companies using satellite navigation for their business needs
The 2009 International Satellite Navigation Forum programme targets end users of satellite navigation and covers all aspects of its successful commercial application in Russia. The programme’s authors have taken into account the experience of previous years and recommendations made by participants.

Registration +7 (495) 797 62 22

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